Advantage Urinal Systems  

Bountiful,  UT 
United States
  • Booth: 137

Come visit booth 137 for a life changing 30 second demo!

Visit booth 137 for a life changing 30 second demo!  Our innovative product line saves time and money while promoting safety, independence, dignity and quality of life.  These products decrease caregiver burnout, infections and odors.  Also, reduces the risk of skin breakdown by decreasing the need for catheters & adult briefs.  These products allow its user to stay in bed throughout the night promoting a more restful sleep and reducing dangerous night time ambulation and costly, painful falls.

We at Advantage Urinal System LLC listen to our customers and care about thier feedback.  We have taylored our product line according to their needs.  People who use our products have said; 

- "This has been the best product for my parent who had a stroke. We tried numerous different systems but this one has allowed some measure of independence while in bed and has eased the burden on the caregiver" -Family Member

- "This product has been a God send for our family." -Care Giver

-" I have used these products with many of my patients. It comforts me to know that when I leave they will be able use this urinal thoughout the night without any assistance." -Home Care Nurse

- "This product allows my patients to maintain their dignity and safety throughout the night" -MD

-" I love my Advantage Urinal System.  I don't have to wake my wife to empty my urinal.  This urinal is always empty and ready to use.  I can use it throughout the night without having to empty it" -Client

Our Company values dignity and compassion.  We strive to provide products that help patients and caregivers sustain a more independent and happy life.

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Advantage Urinal Systems Overview. See how this product line decreases falls, infections, etc.

 Press Releases


    Utah-Based Company Develops Self-Emptying, Hand-held Urinals

    Bountiful (April 10, 2017) Bountiful-based Advantage Urinal Systems has developed a superior line of self-emptying, hand-held urinals for women, men and children to reduce the risk of infections and nighttime falls as well as providing a more restful night’s sleep for user and caregiver, alike.

                “These are one-of-a-kind, personal urinals that are easy to use,

                easy to clean and easy to carry. Many users and caregivers regain

                a feeling of independence and dignity while greatly reducing the

                potential for dangerous falls or infections.” said Advantage Urinal

                Systems developer and CEO, Larry Garlock.

    The patented design is available in models for women, men, children, even men with contracted anatomy. The urinal quickly self-empties into an attached reservoir bag where, due to an anti-reflux chamber, the fluid remains. The unit will not spill, even if dropped. Use of Advantage Systems virtually eliminates the threat of skin or bladder infection or loss of bladder memory, a problem all too common with indwelling catheters.

    About Advantage Urinals Systems                                                                                                                                                    

    As a caretaker, Mr. Garlock recognized that multiple night time bathroom trips prevented his patient and himself from having an adequate nights sleep. Catheters have well-known problems; fit, leakage, and user discomfort, in addition the those mentioned. Typical hand-held urinals need to be emptied after each use. Mr. Garlock set out to find a solution, the result is numerous patents and a new kind of urinal. The system utilizes a large reservoir bag which won’t need to be emptied until morning even if used multiple times through the night. Fluid drains quickly into the bag where it stays until it’s ready to be emptied. The system is easy to use, easy to empty and easy to clean. Thousands of Advantage Systems are already in use in Hospitals, rehab centers and personal care facilities.


    Larry Garlock, CEO, Advantage Urinal Systems, LLC.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

    (801) 296-6848

     Visit us at booth: 137


  • Advantage Urinal Male Comfort Model
    With the COMFORT FIT Male Advantage Urinal System and it's patented design, urine rapidly drains from the urinal, through the tube and into a pre-attached 2-liter collection bag, leaving the urinal Empty and Ready for the next use....

  • With the Advantage Urinal Systems, urine rapidly drains from the urinal, through the tube and into a pre-attached 2-liter collection bag, leaving the urinal Empty and Ready for the next use. The Advantage Urinal Product Line allows the user access to an empty urinal throughout the night greatly reduces trips to the bathroom, falls, caregiver burnout, spills, linen changes and infections. This system is designed for continent people with the ability to sense the need to urinate. Advantage Urinal Systems allows the individual and their caregiver increased rest and sleep. The new, patented padded rim provides a better seal and extra comfort which no other urinals provides. This amazing system can be used all night, throughout the day, while traveling and camping. The down drain bag is equipped with an anti-reflux valve, decreasing spills and odors and eliminates the need for a lid. Every Advantage Urinal System Model has been designed to save time and money while promoting independence and dignity. This System is easy and comes ready to use.  

    -Reduces falls, skin breakdown, caregiver workload, odor, brief use and infections

    -ALL INCLUSIVE, Easy and Ready to use. Always empty and ready for next use.

    -Wonderful aid for continent people with mobility disorders, urinary frequency, post operations, have difficulty ambulating to bathroom, Etc.

    -Male and Female Models available

    -Easy to use and clean

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