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Fort Worth,  TX 
United States
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PolyMem Multifunctional Dressings - Manufactured in the USA

Multifunctional PolyMem dressings are recognized to effectively cleanse, fill, absorb and moisten wounds throughout the healing continuum.

These drug-free dressings help to reduce the spread of inflammation and swelling into surrounding undamaged tissues when applied over either open or closed injuries.  The dressings help reduce both persistent and procedural injury pain and help reduce and resolve bruising.  The reduction of swelling, bruising and pain after application of PolyMem dressings occurs without interfering with the robust, localized inflammatory response for healing injuries. 

PolyMem dressings, to our knowledge, are the only dressings that have been shown to help reduce pain, swelling, redness and warmth due to underlying inflammation, whether applied to intact skin or open wounds.  PolyMem concentrates the inflammatory response needed for healing into the initial primary injury site, simultaneously helping quiet the response that results in secondary injury in the surrounding tissues. 

Brands: PolyMem Shapes by PolyMem PolyMem WIC PolyMem MAX PolyMem Silver SportsWrap Nursicare

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