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Amniox - Umbilical Cord AM CryoTek™ Cool Storage Technology

Amniox Medical, a pioneer in regenerative therapies, was the first company to provide a cryopreserved human umbilical cord allograft for wound treatment. Our proprietary CRYOTEK process is the only proven method to produce a matrix equivalent to the native tissue, delivering the unique benefits of the innate biology to orchestrate regenerative healing of chronic wounds.

The company’s flagship wound care product, NEOX CORD 1K, is more potent and persistent than products with amniotic membrane alone. It also features unmatched thickness for superior handling, excellent handling and easy application.  Unlike other cryopreserved products, NEOX can safely refrigerated for up to 2 years without compromising its structural or functional integrity. 

Brands: NEOX Umbilical Cord /AM Wound Allografts with CryoTek™ Cool Storage Technology NEOX FLO Particulate Umbilical Cord/AM Wound Allograft.


    The optimal combination of biological source and processing, NEOX CORD 1K is cryopreserved umbilical cord....

  • Use of NEOX CORD 1K, which is more persistent than amnion/chorion alone,

    can lead to higher closure rates, fewer applications and lower cost of care, and greater patient satisfaction.  The optimal combination of biological source and processing, NEOX CORD 1K is cryopreserved umbilical cord.  The umbilical cord is up to 10 times thicker than amniotic membrane alone, which gives it greater tensile strength and allows for fixation by clinical preference. The umbilical cord also contains greater quantities of critical growth factors, cytokines, and most importantly, the HC-HA/PTX3 matrix component. CRYOTEK, Amniox Medical’s proprietary cryopreservation method, maintains the structural and biochemical integrity of fresh tissue, unlike dehydration.

    NEOX CORD 1K is convenient and easy to use, with 2-year shelf life.  It can be stored in a refrigerator, standard or deep freezer and comes in 7 sizes to fit patient needs.

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