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Thank you for your interest in our Rooke products.

Osborn Medical presents the Rooke HFS (Heel Float System) Boot with excellent off-loading to prevent heel ulcers and Foot Drop Protection.  We also have the Rooke BK Rigid Protector with Soft Interface which maintains the limb in a neutral extended position to reduce risk of flexion contracture; the Rooke Soft AFO helps maintain Dorsiflexion; the Rooke Breeze similar to the Rooke HFS Boot, however it's ventilated to maintain optimal temperature for patient comfort, and our Rooke Mitt for Raynaud's.

Brands: Rooke HFS (Heel Float System) Boot Rooke Soft AFO Rooke BK Rigid Protector with soft Interface Rooke Mitt Rooke Breeze


  • Rooke Vascular Boot
    Total Heel Offloading with Natural Warming for Ultimate Patient Care
    The Rooke Vascular Boot with Foot Drop Wings and Anti-rotation Wedge...

  • Indications for Use include:  Post-op open and enco CLI revascularization, ischemic diabetic heel ulcers, vasopressed ICU patients, ECMO/IABP, Therapeutic Hypothermia, vent dependent patients, spinal cord injury and non-operative CLI patients.

    Key Features:  Meets NPUAP guidelines , 100% offloading of the heel with our unique "Heel Float System". low elevation helps prevent hyperextension of the knee, one piece foam cradle with gentle synthetic fleece to maintain skin integrity, side port for SCD tubes and enclosed and padded toe box for impact protection.

    We also have the Rooke BKA Stump Protector for your below knee amputations / Rooke Mitt for your Raynaud's, AV Access Steal, Hand Ischemia, Buerger's Disease, Scleroderma and Digit Reattachment patients / Rooke Breeze Boot and Rooke Soft AFO Boot.

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